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Privacy policy according to GDPR

Website provider: Canan Erkan | berlinea management | Berlin Germany

Personal data:
No personal data were collected when you visit this website. Personal data are e.g. name, e-mail address or telephone number of the website visitor. According to a new definition , the IP address of a computer can also be considered "personal" during data collection, but the website provider has no influence whatsoever on the collection and evaluation of the IP address. An evaluation or merging of IP and personal data does not take place when using this website.

Server Logfiles:
Only anonymous technical data such as the IP address of the calling device, name of operating system and browser version, number of page views as well as time and duration of the visit are automatically logged by the external server log files. They were made available as anonymous statistics exclusively to the website provider.

No other analysis tools that require cookies to be set or social media plug-ins such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagramm are used on this website. Our link to Facebook is a simple outbound link.

Use of data when contacting us

Contact by e-mail is technically separated from the website. The data transmission via the contact form on this website is encrypted using an SSL certificate. Your personal data such as name and e-mail address are required to enable us to respond to your enquiry. These data will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties. Please note, however, that in principle no absolute security for data protection can be given on the Internet.

Duty to provide or delete information

As a user, you have the right to request information about your personal data stored free of charge and, if considered, to have it corrected or deleted. The website provider's obligation to provide information relates to personal data that has been collected and stored through your visit and use of the website. We comply with the obligation to delete, as long as no other official requirements for proof of duty conflict with it and if there are no legitimate reasons for the storage.

Use of Web Fonts

The fonts of this website for displaying in browsers are locally installed web fonts. No technical data are evaluated externally by Google Web Fonts.

May, 2018. Subject to change.



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